The owner of EZIT sold his stakes to the European leader in hosting services Loopia Group

EZIT Kft. and Magyar Hosting Kft. are significant players of the IT hosting market in Hungary, providing server-, cloud- and domain services for their clients. The owner sold 100% of the shares to the Sweden-based, private equity-backed Loopia Group, one of the most active players on the European IT hosting market, having dominant presence in Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Absolvo advised the founder / owner of the companies, supported him in negotiating deal conditions (valuation; other relevant terms etc.), in the process of due diligence, in negotiating SPA, in signing and closing of the transaction.

Loopia Group is one of the largest domain and hosting service providers in Europe, with a revenue of approx. 23 million EUR and a client base of 500.000+, in owning to their extremely active acquisition strategy which is aimed to support their rapid expansion in Central Europe and the CEE region and strengthen their leading position in the Nordic area.

The Group acquired the Slovakia-based WebSupport, one of the largest Central-European web hosting service company with more than 100k clients in Slovakia and Hungary in February 2019. Their expansion has been followed by the acquisitions of Binero Group’s mass hosting business units in Sweden and Germany in June and Planeetta Internet Oy, the leading webhosting service provider in Norther Europe in August 2019.

Loopia closed M&A transaction with our Client EZIT Kft. and Magyar Hosting Kft. in December 2019 and they recently announced their acquisition closing with two major Finnish service providers, Suomen Hostingpalvelu Oy and Domainhotelli Oy.