Az IPR-Insights Magyarországon piacvezető a software asset management tanácsadás területén

Domestic market leader in the field of software asset management and consulting was aided before and during the raising of venture capital for the company.

One of the wise CEO/co-founder Client, whom we deeply respect and appreciate: he wanted the business planning process not to be underestimated, the market entry models, the channels and the markets wanted to be tested, not just looking for the mere delivery of the spreadsheets. He wanted to know if it’s going to work. He wanted to know if there is a real chance for the success, what would and what wouldn’t work.
With our foreign colleagues we assessed the markets, organized meetings, researched, validated and collected feedbacks for months. Then came the, now experience based, business planning, T.A.M. (Total Addressable Market) calculation, prioritization of target markets, that the finalization of the strategy.

After we formed the international expansion strategy it was our responsibility to:

  • Support the business planning,
  • Create the financial plan,
  • Validate the structure,
  • Determine the company value and the exit strategy,
  • Inform the Founders about the investor’s conditions, define NO GO criteria.

They knew and understood that a successful capital raise requires professional preparations: teaser, investor presentation, investor profile creation, longlist elaboration. When everything was in place we started contacting, negotiating, introducing with venture capital funds and a long Q&A began. After the presentations the offers started coming back and we evaluated the term-sheets together. At this point our main goal was to strengthen our Client’s negotiating position and the effective, but balanced representation of IPR. After the accepted investor – a Jeremie fund – proposal, supporting the due diligence and the transaction closing process were the job for our consultants.

The company started its international expansion with this 1.4M EUR raised capital. They are amongst the few Jeremie investments, where the growth is actually dynamic and, although there are challenges, new and new strategic steps are planned. We are convinced, that success – not just raising capital, the execution and the success of growth – is partly the result of the thorough, but lean, purposeful preparation. We cheer for them ever since.