A Balabit többszörös Technology Fast50 díj nyertes

BalaBit is one of the most successful technology companies in our country and one of the world’s leading IT security software developers.

Why does a dynamically growing company need consultants? A consultant sometimes takes over the burden of the management; sometimes s/he helps to make decisions, introduces a new approach or just provides a so far unknown experience. The purpose of the joint work was to explore the strategy, communication and the partner network of global market leader competitors. Thereby it was redefining the BalaBit’s position, adapting its communication and marketing strategy to the main challengers.

For that reason

  • we performed a competitor analysis (income, growth, capital data, partner’s and sales network, etc.),
  • we analyzed main competitors’ sales channel, pricing model and marketing communication using desktop research as well as through expert and partner interviews (including mystery shopping) to obtain key information for the future strategy,
  • we made market researches for specific destination countries to prioritize

We suggested the geographic direction of their global expansion, we designated the development points for the offer’s making process, we put forward recommendations for developing the motivational factors of the partner model and for the direction of marketing messages.

The strategy update was needed among others because owners / management decided to finance their growth with a venture capital. It was a honor for us we could support owners during international investor negotiations, in the evaluation of the received investor offers, in developing main investment conditions and in supporting transactions in other areas.

In 2014, the company got $8M investment from the London based C5 Capital, specializing in IT security.

„Olyan típusú piacfelmérést tudnak nyújtani, amit más cég eddig nem adott, és olyan típusú támogatási szolgáltatásokat marketingnek, értékesítésnek, amit máshol eddig nem láttunk”