Inorganic growth can mean you do not want to build a business step by step, instead, you buy it. Entering new markets or new industries and accessing new technologies can happen through transactions – you do not run the risk of whether you can successfully establish and start a new company, find new customers, and try a new technology. No, you look for a well-established business and you acquire it!

  • Which company would fit you better?
  • How are you going to determine the value of the business?
  • What deal structure should you choose?

At Absolvo we are ready to answer all these questions for you, so you can focus on the core business, instead of being distracted by such questions.

At some point, the founders, or CEOs think they should retire, but succession is rarely simple and smooth. Selling a business requires preparation, patience and a well-defined exit strategy. Selling a business to the right buyer, on the right terms and price takes time. Our clients say they are not selling a company every day; therefore they want to avoid huge mistakes. They need expertise, a helping hand to make it professional.

Are you prepared to do that? It would be an honour to support you in this challenging journey!

Selling a business?

Our sell side M&A services include:

  • Developing strategy and business plan for the buyer,
  • Valuation of your business with several methods, mapping the active investors,
  • Preparing an InfoMemo, anonym teaser
  • Defining the perfect profile for the strategic investor, buyer, analyzing their acquisition strategy, previous transactions,
  • Creating long list, defining the synergies
  • Well-designed value proposition and negotiation tactics
  • Preparing for due diligence, data room preliminary check
  • Contacting investors and negotiation support
  • Deal assistance, assessing the offers, LOI, negotiating the terms, SPA / SHA
  • Signing, closing assistance

Would you enter to CEE region or Europe by acquiring a company?

Our buy side M&A services include:

  • Defining your business objectives
  • Presenting valuable insights on local markets, risks
  • Creating an action plan to tackle local risks
  • Creating the possible target profile, identifying prospects, creating a long list
  • Initiating contact through different ways
  • Valuation of the target company, clarifying synergies
  • Structuring an offer, negotiating terms
  • Due diligence of the target company (cooperating with lawyers etc)
  • Closing the transaction, supporting post-closing, post-merger integration activities

Are you thinking of acquiring simultaneously more companies in different markets? Within our international network you’ll get appropriate expertise, know-how and a number of advisors for almost every industry.