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Jörn Roegler

International Marketing Expert
Internationalisation I Business Development

Jörn Roegler

Jörn is a marketing expert specialised in the design and implementation of contact strategies, customer journeys and campaign plans that will optimise your marketing ROI.

Having extensive experience in building and growing marketing strategies in B2C & B2B industries in Germany, UK and France, he is supporting our Clients and other CEE-based startups in their efforts to gain more visibility on their target markets.

Jörn is a Cambridge MBA graduate and has worked previously on topics like Customer Loyalty, Product & Brand Management and Global CRM strategies for companies like Regus, British Telecom, Homeserve (UK), Accenture or Domeo (France) and GE Compunet (Germany) and he is also a partner in an international Marketing, CRM & Data Analytics agency based in London.