Sales taskforce lead by industry veterans

Success is 5% strategy and 95% execution.

The success of sales and marketing strategies depends mostly on the people who are doing them: whether they have the right experience, know the tools and methodologies to be applied in certain industries or situations and recently more and more on how much they know about the latest digital technologies.

A good sales person is

  • strategic: understands the core competences of a scaleup or the vision of a startup, draws conclusions from client feedback
  • agile: a doer who is driven by success and is willing to come back again and again to a prospect with new offers, ideas, solutions; who is willing to pick up the phone and fix a meeting with a cold lead
  • organised and operational: is constantly registering data, collecting feedback, filling up the CRM system so that strategic decisions can be based on facts and figures

These skills are rare to find in one person and are not necessarily required 24/7. In the beginning experienced, strategic minds can establish a good implementation plan and sales structure, which cannot be expected from a junior. Later the most important skill is lean and agile execution: this is more an attitude, therefore can be done

  • by seniors; however, they might lose interest and motivation if it is too repetitive
  • as well as by juniors, who, though, in the beginning need to be told what to do, need guidance, senior support

Moreover, to sell a software/app or make a presentation about a complex machine or a product revolutionizing the food industry, you need to understand the language and the way of thinking of the industry’s key players, know the technologies and trends and you even have to understand the jokes they tell each other…

Absolvo is prepared for this challenge, as

  • we have put together teams/task forces involving sales and marketing experts, industry veterans who have all the necessary skills, have worked several years in different industries, have a long list of contacts with direct phone numbers,
  • we speak the languages of your target group!
  • in case the certain project or situation requires, we can involve local experts who can represent your company on your target markets
  • we get …it done! We send e-mails, follow-up, return with a different message/value proposition, try new channels effectively. Our clients do not have time to waste: they want to grow, scale up, increase their company value and win over their competitors.
  • we are not afraid of cold calls: most companies and salespersons have problems with making the first contact: we can take it off your shoulders and provide you or your sales team with qualified leads!
  • for startups, we can provide senior capacity to boost the sales efforts of your young team, showing them example and helping them with strategic inputs, too!
  • for scaleups, local market leaders we can bring industry veterans on board who have contacts in the next target market, can bring in fresh attitude and ideas and have hunger for new success stories!

These task forces can also be supported by marketing professionals who can help establish the marketing foundations of your sales campaigns or digital experts who help you with the latest technologies. The leaders of these teams can help your management to co-ordinate the work of all the service providers related to marketing and sales: copywriters, PR agencies, website developers, etc. and make sure

all these efforts lead to the same direction: your growth!

You can measure our success by the revenue we generate, the number of qualified leads we bring, the meetings or teleconferences we organize or the contracts you sign with the local partners!  For the full cost of a sales person you get a team of experienced professionals with local contacts and a full skillset necessary to help your revenues fly.

Trust us, we have done this many times!