Latest technologies to serve your growth

A company today cannot be successful without a proper digital strategy. Digitalisation has reached all industries and is there to help companies to become more and more successful and efficient; on the other hand it means a great challenge for every decision-maker, too. It requires continuous learning, monitoring of the trends, adapting your strategies and processes to the new, innovative solutions.

When international growth is already about scaling and, based on the strategy, sales becomes a numbers game, every company (let it be a startup or a scaleup) should consider the following:

  • do we gain enough visibility on the Internet (with our website, blog, social media profile)?
  • which steps of our sales or marketing strategy can be automatized?
  • how can we build better, more targeted and more reliable sales databases?
  • how can we measure the success of our sales and marketing efforts?
  • what “digital journey” do we want our customers to take?

Did you know that:

  • marketing automation software can increase sales qualification by 400%?
  • companies using marketing automation have a 53% higher conversion rate?
  • lead nurturing can generate 50% more sales-ready leads?
  • using digital solutions to generate leads lowers your sales costs by 33%?
  • by the implementation of such softwares conversion time can be reduced by 72%?
  • according to Gartner Research, lead nurturing can potentially save 80% of your direct mail budget and bring a 10% or greater increase in revenue over 6-9 months?

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