How we work

We have collected some feedbacks, thoughts from our Clients, co-operation partners, industry experts and investors about how they see our work, know-how as well as our attitude and results.

We are proud that as a result of our experience, connections and hard work we are able to list a significant number of satisfied clients and partners! Companies, leaders who have already achieved great results in their own fields or are just about to break through and realise their ambitious growth plans.

This is why we work!


„We have chosen Absolvo as a consultant and it turned out to be not only the best solution but the only solution for us. I am sure we would not have closed the deal if we did not have a professional help of an experienced consultant. And this help starts at the very beginning of the process.”


“The biggest added value was as they controlled the process, from the preparation phase, later during the investment process they have constantly kept focus. They have very well defined the milestones and prepared us what the consequences of our decisions could be”

“Working with Absolvo is rather a value for the client: they will only work with companies whom they can successfully represent in front of an investor. It is already a good sign if Absolvo agrees to work with you!”


“The investment process rarely happens as you planned. There are always unexpected challenges and the Absolvo team was a great help in overcoming them”

“Absolvo is one of the best transaction advisory teams in Hungary when it comes to professional experience and hands-on support for founders”


“Normally they progressed very carefully, as a good advisor. They figured out our weaknesses and supported us on those fields. And we loved it!”


“They have never let me down, they were holding my hands and were leading me during the entire deal process. I could feel that this is not the first project they are leading”


“I can recommend Absolvo as they lay emphasis on a balance that these two different parties are interdependent and must work together after the deal. Therefore we pay particular attention if Absolvo suggests us an investment opportunity”


“I was convinced by their professional and proactive attitude, which is not very common in Hungary”


“We managed to close a much better deal with Absolvo than we could have made alone”

“Majority of questions we prepared for with Absolvo had been raised by investors, so we didn’t have to improvise, we had the answers”

“I had never remained alone with my questions, doubts, problems”

“My interests always ranked first”


“They are not the type of consultants who are ahead of you with 2-3 lessons. With the numerous projects behind them they have brought deal competences and experience into the joint work that we lacked”

„I would emphasize their flexibility: a small company like ours needs a very different caring than large companies.”

„I am usually on the service provider side and here, at last, I felt myself a Client!”


“A professional team who knows what it means to take the first steps as a startup. They have structured and significantly boosted our business development”

“They carefully follow the development of our project and reply to our questions asap. This speed is very valuable for a startup”

„They think in long term co-operations. They focus on the client’s interests and not their own. They do not let the client enter into a deal that is profitable for them, but is not in the best interest of the client.”


„They understand clients’ needs and give the best possible advice”

„Absolvo gave us a market insight that previously no other firm could provide and they gave such a support to our sales and marketing that we have never experienced before”

„They helped us to have a deeper insight into our various target markets, gave us valuable information about our competition and supported us in structuring our plan and strategy regarding how to move forward on the international markets”