Growth financing

The growth of successful companies, scale-ups, require further financing that can be taken from venture capital or private equity funds as well. We manage the fundraising process by helping to select the right investor and the right strategy, advise you on what are the key factors to make a successful capital raising as well as provide a realistic timetable of the entire transaction. We support our Clients by managing the complete process, sharing experience, utilising connections, and providing real solutions in:

  • fundraising from local and foreign venture capital or private equity funds that is needed for the growth and international expansion of our Clients
  • growth strategy, business and financial planning, company valuation
  • preparing presentation (investor deck) and teaser to the investors, exit strategy, managing each stages of the fundraising process
  • negotiating term sheet and SPA/SHA, supporting due diligence and the transaction closing process
  • second to fourth round capital raising (series B-C-D) including syndicate transactions.

We work with local and international firms – primarily in the technology sector – that have exceptional growth potential. The typical dealsize in such fundraising projects is between EUR  1M to EUR 20M.

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