Equity Business Breakfast – 13 November 2019

Private Equity investments, buyouts and the taxation issues of transactions

First-hand experience – with a cup of coffee

The Equity Business Breakfast is aimed to introduce the processes, details, challenges and milestones of M&A transactions via local and international case studies and best practices and provide you with practical advices to support you in preparation, investor / buyer search, selling your business / shares or exit successfully.

The program is interactive; you can address your questions directly to our guest speakers. Number of attendees is maximized to ensure the opportunity of effective, 1-on-1 interactions among participants and invited guests, investors, advisors.

Private Equity

This time we put private equity (PE), its specialities and function in focus; our international PE investor guest Genesis Capital, headquartered in Prague will give an overview what investment opportunities they are looking for and based on what parameters they make their investment decision, then we give an insight into the specific details of a recently closed cross-border private equity transaction in which majority of stakes of 11 Entertainment Group, operating in the services sector was sold to Genesis Capital.

Both investor’s and owner’s perspectives will be discovered and understood during the discussions.

About 11 Entertainment Group: founded in 2009, over the last 10 years the company grew to a leading indoor family entertainment provider in Hungary with 5 centres (“Cyberjump” trampoline parks and “Elevenpark” indoor playgrounds) located in shopping malls in Budapest and Győr. The parks attracted more than 500,000 visitors in 2018. The Group is aimed to become the leading service provider in family entertainment services category in the CEE region; to support its growth it was looking for a well-capitalised private equity investor with extensive international experience.

Highlights of the event

  • Features of private equity, PE vs. venture capital, PE investor vs. strategic investor. When and who can benefit from PE as a relevant alternative to support growth?
  • What investment, buyout opportunities are interesting for PE, what make a company attractive for them? Typical deal size, share in target company they consider. When 100% buyout is an option?
  • Preparation, transaction process, challenges and learnings: first-hand experience of investor and owner parties of a recently closed private equity transaction
  • Taxation structure, tax optimization – how large amount will remain after deal closing?


  • Radan Hanzl – partner, Genesis Capital
  • Stefan Fritsch – owner / CEO, 11 Entertainment Group
  • György Boár – director, OrienTax
  • Tamás Horgos – partner, Absolvo
  • Lénárd Horgos – partner, Absolvo

Date, time, venue

  • Date: Wednesday, 13 November 2019
  • Time: 09.00 – 11.30 AM
  • Registration: from 08.30 AM
  • Venue: Larus Restaurant
  • Address: 1124 Budapest, Csörsz u. 18/b.
  • Official language: English and Hungarian (w/o interpretation)



Arrival, registration, welcome coffee, breakfast, networking


Opening, warming thoughts – Private equity investments, buyouts

  • Features of private equity, PE vs. venture capital, PE investor vs. strategic investor. Main differences in investment drivers, objectives, stages, ticket sizes, shares in return
  • When and who can benefit from PE as a relevant alternative to support growth?

Lénárd Horgos – partner, Absolvo

Language: Hungarian


What and how PE is targeting, how they decide – Introduction of Genesis Capital

The acquisition of 11 Entertainment Group from the investor perspective

  • Investment and acquisition opportunities, industries, growth / buyout targets, company values they are looking for. The evaluation and decision making process
  • What made 11 Entertainment Group attractive for Genesis Capital, what made them acquiring majority in the Group? The importance of the equity story and founders’ personality traits. Process and time-frame of negotiations, turning points during the process.
  • 11 Entertainment Group is the very first independent investment of Genesis Capital in Hungary. What were their expectations from a Hungarian company? What are the first experiences during the “marriage”?

Radan Hanzl – partner, Genesis Capital

Language: English


Case study – preparation for the transaction

  • Main phases and challenges of preparation
  • The process of negotiations, critical / sensitive moments

Tamás Horgos – partner, Absolvo

Language: Hungarian


Short break, breakfast


The way it happened… – insights of the transaction from the owner’s perspective

  • The process of investor search, defined criteria / profile. Why he decided to sell the shares to a private equity investor in the end
  • Preparation for the transaction – process details, time-frame, unexpected issues to be fixed, key challenges to be sorted
  • First experiences after deal closing – how partnership works?
  • Key learnings – what he would do differently

Stefan Fritsch – owner / CEO, 11 Entertainment Group
Tamás Horgos – partner, Absolvo

Language: English


Taxation issues – how large amount will remain after deal closing?

  • Setting the optimal taxation structure before the transaction from the owner’s aspect. What, why and how to consider and restructure
  • Preparation for the investment / acquisition, tax due diligence before investment, assessment and management of taxation risks

György Boár – director, OrienTax

Language: Hungarian


Q&A, networking

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  • Full price tickets available from 25 October 2019 for 15,000 HUF + VAT
  • Special offer tickets for venture capital and private equity investors and their portfolio companies from 25 October 2019 for 12,000 HUF + VAT


In case of interest, please apply online until 6 November 2019.

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