Absolvo is accelerating your growth

Accelerating your growth.

With money.
With new markets.
With strategy and execution.

Péter Csillag, founder, CEO - Starschema

Márk Félegyházi, founder, CEO - Avatao.com

„They figured out our weaknesses
and supported us on those fields.
And we loved it!”

“One of the best transaction advisory teams
in Hungary when it comes to professional
experience and hands-on support
for founders”

Absolvo cégeladás

Ildikó Balázsi, founder, CEO - CEUMED

„They have never let me down
and were holding my hands
during the entire deal process"

Absolvo - külpiacra lépés, nemzetközi üzletfejlesztés

We have the answer for the HOW.
We provide the answer for the WHO.

We get …it done!
International growth: strategy and execution.

Az Absolvo Ügyfelei a CEE régióban és Európában új piacokon növekednek, magán- vagy kockázati tőke révén, vagy stratégiai befektetővel

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We support ambitious and talented CEE companies in building up and executing their growth strategies.

Our clients want to grow, invade new markets in the CEE region and on the European markets either with the support of venture capital/private equity investments or through strategic partnerships.

If you are a regional player, market leader scaleup with a cutting-edge technology and special know-how or a rapidly growing startup with an exceptional, disruptive product and you are committed to dynamic growth, the Absolvo team is there to boost your growth:

  • finding the markets necessary for your growth,
  • doing it with the right strategy,
  • financing your goals from equity,
  • concluding an appropriate deal with a financial or strategic investor suitable to achieve your goals,
  • having an ideal exit strategy,
  • completing your growth organically or inorganically, through acquisitions,
  • achieving your preset growth and targets, completing your projects with the desired results.

95% of companies fail within the first 5 years during their growth process. Why not to belong to the successful 5%?

Creating value to our Clients with the experience of:




investor interactions per year


workshops’ lessons learned


EUR transaction volume


David also used help to beat Goliath

Growth Financing

The growth of successful companies, scale-ups, require further financing that can be taken from venture capital or private equity funds as well.

We manage the fundraising process by helping to select the right investor and the right strategy, advise you on what the key factors are to make a successful capital raising as well as provide a realistic timetable of the entire transaction.

We support our Clients by managing the complete process, sharing experience, utilising connections, and providing real solutions in:

  • fundraising from local and foreign venture capital or private equity funds that is needed for the growth and international expansion of our Clients
  • growth strategy, business and financial planning, company valuation
  • preparing presentation (investor deck) and teaser to the investors, exit strategy, managing each stages of the fundraising process
  • negotiating term sheet and SPA/SHA, supporting due diligence and the transaction closing process
  • 2nd to 4th round capital raising (series B-C-D) incl. syndicate transactions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Entering new markets or new industries and accessing new technologies can happen through transactions. At some point, the founders, or CEOs think they should retire, but succession is rarely simple and smooth. Selling a business requires preparation, patience and a well-defined exit strategy. Selling a business to the right buyer, on the right terms and price takes time. Which company would fit you better? How are you going to determine the value of the business? What deal structure should you choose? At Absolvo we are ready to answer all these questions for you, so you can focus on the core business. Our M&A services include:

  • sell-side and buy-side M&A advisory,
  • creating exit strategy, valuation, strategy to increase enterprise value,
  • business and financial planning, valuation, supporting due diligence,
  • local and international strategic and financial investor relationships,
  • negotiating SPA/SHA, supporting successful transaction closing.

International growth: strategy & execution

On the international markets, without a bespoke go-to-market strategy, you will not be successful, but strategy is worth nothing without execution.

With a strong focus on the CEE region and Europe, Absolvo’s sales and business development teams help the growth of both startups and scaleups with the following services:

Case studies

News and events

Logiscool accelerates international growth with a 3.5 million EUR investment

Szlávy Zsuzsanna
NEWS - Logiscool, an international leader in coding education for children and teens, raised a 3.5 million EUR investment from Euroventures, one of the leading independent VC and PE firms in the CEE region. The current investment gives a significant boost to our Client Logiscool’s further international expansion and building its franchise network on the new markets. Logiscool was exclusively advised by Absolvo's growth financing team in the transaction process.

TheScaleupFest - International event on scaling

Szlávy Zsuzsanna
EVENT - Experienced VC investors about the challenges of scaling, founders with successful scaleup stories, corporates about the preferred partnership types on stage on 4th March in Budapest! How to scale and grow beyond CEE successfully? What is the essence to really make it? OTB Ventures, Capital 300, Fil Rouge Capital, Portfolion, DayOne Capital, Avatao, Innonic, IPR-Insights – just some of the great speakers and stories on stage! Share your pitch deck with VCs, meet and build your network!

The owner of EZIT sold his stakes to the European leader in hosting services Loopia Group

Szlávy Zsuzsanna
NEWS - EZIT Kft. and Magyar Hosting Kft. are significant players of the IT hosting market in Hungary, providing server-, cloud- and domain services for their clients. The owner sold 100% of the shares to the Sweden-based, private equity-backed Loopia Group, one of the most active players on the European IT hosting market. Absolvo’s M&A team advised the founder / owner of the companies in the transaction process.

A new investment brings Prefixbox’s e-commerce search to Poland

Szlávy Zsuzsanna
NEWS - Our Client Prefixbox, an AI powered e-commerce search provider, gets a seed investment of 500k EUR from Euroventures, a notable CEE investment firm, as part of a larger capital raising project. Investment is aimed to support the extensive product development and international expansion throughout the CEE region, with Poland as the first target market.


Your success is our passion

Confidence, conviction, commitment, passion – our Clients do act for their growth this way and they do not compromise with an average service level. They do want the very best. This is why they choose us.

Horgos Tamás, partner - Absolvo


Partner, Managing Director
Growth financing I M&A

Horgos Lénárd, partner - Absolvo


Growth financing I M&A

Gyurácz Németh Iván, partner - Absolvo


Internationalisation I Business Development

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