How important is the current investor to support the next fundraising round?

Why and how important is the current investor to support the next fundraising round? What current investors do and don’t do, who is doing the “heavy lifting” in this process? A brief summary from Antal Károlyi, President of Hungarian Business Angel Network Relocating to Silicon Valley – a startup Spartan Race

Ügyfelünk, a több startup versenyt nyert IT security tréning platform fejlesztője, az 2019-ben sikeres late seed tőkebevonási kört zárt olyan prominens nemzetközi befektetőkkel, mint az 500 Startups és a Speedinvest, melynek célja a globális skálázódás gyorsítása. Ennek fontos állomása az USA-beli piacépítés, mely az alapítótól az életére és a vállalkozására is jelentősen kiható lépés meghozatalát kívánta meg: irány a Szilícium völgy – családostul, egy merőben új üzleti- és ügyfélkultúrába, a tech cégek világversenyének reflektorfényébe, CEE régiós gyökerekkel és mentalitással, nagy ambíciókkal és tervekkel. Az alapítója, Félegyházi Márk a Szilícium völgyben eltöltött első év tanulságos tapasztalatait – melyet nemes egyszerűséggel csak Spartan Race-ként emleget- osztotta meg velünk.


UiPath – Successful Series A/B rounds in the CEE region: The importance of ARR

There might not be any startup or VC on the planet who has never heard about UiPath and their amazing success story. After 10 years (!!!) of hard riding to find the right track to grow, it took them less than 6 years from closing a seed round to the most recent stunning IPO. At one of our international VC events in 2019, Guillaume Fournier from one of their Series A then B investors, Credo Ventures and Henri Tilloy from Partech that time gave a deep insight via UiPath’s case study about ARR and why it is the golden KPI for investors. About their growth, Henri just simply said: “The most insane traction I’ve ever seen”…

Founder advice on regional scaling – Allpacka / Fürgefutár

Allpacka (Fürgefutár) offering parcel delivery services raised funding from Euroventures in 2015 and scaled to a true regional player, grown the business from 100k to 1 million annual orders.

Here we go with the some thoughts and advice to consider from founder Colin Snead for startups trying to enter new markets in the CEE region.


What you need for scaling in the CEE region – Fil Rouge Capital

„Focus on revenues, scale, scale, scale!”– advised Julien Coustaury, founding partner of Fil Rouge Capital for startups / scaleups aspiring to become a CEE regional player during our last international scaleup event TheScaleupFest.

What else you need for scaling in the CEE region?

Quick interview with Julien Coustaury in 1,5 mins.

How to raise a Series A/B round for a SaaS company from the CEE region?

Being a first time founder is hard to guess what investors are really looking for when they evaluate SaaS startups raising Series A/B rounds.

What is the recipe being ready for a successful Series A/B round – in metrics, in team, in mindset? What can one learn from the amazing success stories of CEE’s hottest startups like UIPath, Bitrise or Price f(x)?

Listen to the learnings and takeaways right from the international SaaS focused investors Henri Tilloy from Partech and Guillaume Fournier from Credo Ventures!

Which investor should a startup choose?

One question, one straight-to-the point answer in 1 min: Which investor should a startup choose?

Quick interview with Marcin Hejka, co-founder, general partner of OTB Ventures, ex-VP of Intel Capital.

What should you consider to select the right investor?

How to get funding from US VCs like Sequoia?

How to get funded by US VCs like Sequoia?

First-hand experience from Roman Scharf, general partner of 3VC (Capital300), partnering / co-investing with the leading US VCs, co-founder of the VoIP startup Jajah, the very 1st European investment of the Silicon Valley powerhouse Sequoia Capital.

Few months later Jajah was founded, they got 3 million USD investment and Roman packed up and moved to Silicon Valley for 10 years to turn the business into an incredible success.

  • Why Jajah was so interesting for the investor?
  • What did they learn and how did they cooperate on their journey, how did the investor opened incredible doors for them?
  • How did they manage the exit?

Listen to the whole story with a plenty of takeaways for CEE scaleups in Roman Scharf’s and Lenard Horgos’s fireside chat!


Challenges of scaling beyond CEE – 500 Startups

Scaling the team: when / who to hire for quick growth? Challenges of multinational offices, issues of cultural differences, problems / major risks faced during scaling – what one can learn of CEE / Eastern European companies entering the global market.

First-hand experience from the most active global early stage VC firm 500 Startups.

Presentation by Enis Hulli, responsible partner for the investments in the CEE region at 500 Startups, moderated by Csaba Kákosy, managing partner, CEO from Day One Capital


Speedinvest – Challenges of entering the US market

How do you access to the largest market, what are the do’s and don’ts at your sales strategy?

Differences between US vs. Europe VC markets, market size, size of funding rounds, exits, valuations, VC mindsets – what can CEE startups expect? Strengths of Europe against US. How to align with the massive competition to stay in the game?

What Speedinvest’s CEE portfolio companies made successful during US market development – with examples of Avatao and Scalarr.

Presentation by Marcel van der Heijden, partner from Speedinvest.