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Logiscool: Preparing business plan for a Series A round

VIDEO – Raising a Series A round without a well-prepared business plan – let’s put it like that – is a mission impossible. What did Logiscool experience about that preparation before their 3.5M EUR Series A round from Euroventures? How long did it take? How do they see its benefit for themselves (beyond getting one step closer to a successful deal closing of course? Learnings from Logiscool’s co-founder Gyula Csitári.

Féljünk-e a befektetési / adásvételi szerződések szankcióitól?

VIDEO – Legyen szó akár VC/PE befektetésről, akár cégeladásról, fontos mérföldkő, amikor a befektetési / adásvételi szerződés tervezetét a founderek / tulajdonosok kezükben tartják. Az izgalmat tovább fokozza az esetleg ijesztőnek tűnő feltételrendszer, biztosítékok és kilátásba helyezett szankciók – de mennyire eszik forrón azt a bizonyos kását?

The outbound sales approach – Who is it for and why is it important?

VIDEO – We regularly hear from founders that outbound strategy is not for them, it doesn’t work at all, etc. Who is it for, in which industries / segments is it a must? Is there a choice at all: can you scale and grow significantly w/o an outbound approach? Three different aspects, from the early stage VC Valeri Petrov (Eleven Ventures), from Michel Henss, growth engine builder for Neticle and partnership manager Nick Roberts from the USD 13M ACV sales technology company Cognism.

Later stage: the role of current investor in the next funding round. Can they be showstoppers?

VIDEO – What is the role of the current investor to make a portfolio company ready for a later stage – Series B/C investment? What attitudes are considered added-value for later stage investors? What could be red flag for them? Experienced international investors with notable track records in later stage investments Chris Church from Kreos Capital and Karol Szubstarski from OTB Ventures shared their opinion at our Equity Thursday online meetup earlier this year

What is the contribution you can expect from your current investor at the next funding round?

VIDEO – What contribution can you expect from your current investor to the next round? Partial or full commitment is the realistic expectation? How much does this level depend on investor’s background (or portfolio size), the stage and size of the round, or the size of the team? Why is it worth involving 3rd party professionals beyond a certain stage / deal size, what are their added value? Peter Balogh, Antal Károlyi (HunBan) and Enikő Deák (Hiventures) on the stage again sharing their experience and point of view.

How can the current investor support the preparation for the next funding round?

VIDEO – What support can you expect from your current early stage investor during the preparation for the next round? Is there any clear border between investor’s and founder’s role? To what extent should an investor be operative, should he/she do the work instead of the startup? Why is it important to work very closely yet respect those borders? Insights and opinions from Peter Balogh, Antal Károlyi (HunBan) and Enikő Deák (Hiventures).

How to consider market size in enterprise SaaS? The bottom-up approach

VIDEO – Investors prefer bottom-up approach in business planning, especially in sectors like enterprise SaaS. Why so? How to calculate the market size and assess your ACV (Annual Contract Value) to be on the right and real track? Why and how to consider the length of your sales cycle and required salesforce efforts in the context of those ACVs? Guillaume Fournier, Credo Ventures and Henri Tilloy, Partech led us through their approach in bottom-up planning and market size assessment in 3 mins.

When is the right time to consider the next funding round?

VIDEO – When is the right time to consider (together with your VC on board) the next funding round? What to review and improve to make your company investment-ready? How to calculate with runway, control costs vs. revenue to remain attractive for investors and avoid drying out? Quick discussion about the topic with Petya Balogh, Antal Károlyi (HunBan) and Enikő Deák (Hiventures) at Absolvo’s TheScaleupFest event in 2020.